Trinire Great Dane Statues
/current11.jpgMalcolm Thompson is a UK based Artist who has specialised in life size Great Dane sculptures since 1991. The statues that are currently available can be viewed on the Products page. His statues are produced to order and and it is very rare that there is any shelf stock available unless there has been a cancelation of an order

Malcolm Thompson has owned and been involved with Great Danes since acquisition of his first Great Danes Walkmyl Fortune in 1986 and Walkmyl Derizel in 1987. These sincereley treasured and loved residents lnspired the innovation of Trinire Great Dane Statues. Today Malcolm's statues are respected and desired across the world by discerning Great Dane breeders and owners who recognise that his statues radiate and reflect the character of this wonderfull Great Dane breed.

From the outset of Malcolm observing the highly expensive Bronze statues exhibited at Crufts in 1990 by the artist Gerda Van De Bosch, his conception was to produce affordable stone statues of Great Danes that serious Great Dane breeders and owners would desire, respect and could afford. His conception of affordable Great Dane Statues is the controlling reason why he continues to retain his enterprise as a Sole Artist / Trader enterprise whereby he creates his genuine originals, he produces the moulds, he produces the statues and he personally delivers and locates the final product.
Please kindly accept the photo representations on the website as an indication of my work.  I am repeatedly reminded at Breed Shows that the imagery fails to apportion fair impact and justice to my work.
All my sculptures are reproduced from originals that were created entirely by myself, investing considerable time developing these unique products. l work hard to produce moulds that do not permit unsightly distortion and will provide proper replications that are exacting and identical to the original that I handcrafted.

The final cast statues are produced personally by myself and endorsed, dated and authenticated at the time of casting by myself.  
Thanks to the goodwill and recognition of the United Kingdom Great Dane breed clubs, I enjoy the priviledge of exhibiting my products at their championship, open, and rescue shows. I have enjoyed many years involved with this breed, its history, its types, and bloodlines to reflect it in my work.
The website is categorised into the recognised colours of the Great Dane breed. Fawn, Harlequin, Black, Blue, Boston and Stone-Finish. Unfortunately Brindle is unavailable due to it's complexity and variations.  Due to the extreme weight of these life size stautes, I normally (at a nominal cost) deliver and site to customer specification. If a customer is considering collecting themselves, transportation crates and advice are provided to facilitate.I  ncluded on this site are photographs of our personal Danes. Walkmyll Fortune known as Zindy, Walkmyll Derizel known as Zarachin, and Cwmddu Athos known as Herbie are sadly missed. Our resident Danes Cheney Heaven Knows (Zarene), Ziadan Heavenly Jewel (Elsa) and Ziadan the Duke of Diamonds (Duke) are a continuing source of joy and inspiriation.

Malcolm Thompson
Orders and Enquiries: +44 (0)1905 420005 or email malc(at)greatdanestatues(dot)co(dot)uk